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[20:40] <Shawn> iAhweh | we have windows on 25,000 machines. how to chg to linux?
[20:40] <Shawn> Surely you don't have 25,000 windows machines in one department of whatever you're doing for work
[20:41] <Shawn> So segment them into smaller groups and change little by little.
[20:41] <iAhweh> uahah
[20:41] <tony``> l
[20:42] <iAhweh> it's institutional
[20:46] <iAhweh> when migrating from xp to 7, several trucks brought old machines and another fleet carried the new machines.
[20:47] <iAhweh> there was a bidding
[20:47] <iAhweh> i think judges don't like linux.
[20:48] <iAhweh> win7 arrived when win8 was being distribucted
[20:49] <iAhweh> the old machines are donated to state schools
[20:50] <iAhweh> can u see the bribery?
[20:51] <iAhweh> the system is stuck.
[20:51] <iAhweh> imagine how they did the backup...
[20:52] <iAhweh> there are application servers with durex.
[20:53] <BBN> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[20:54] <iAhweh> durex = adhesive tape
[20:54] <BBN> too late now pal
[20:55] <slash-7> the jig is up
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[20:56] <@Zanith> durex up your penis
[20:57] <@Zanith> Whenever I hear the brandname Durex I think of Dulux and think why on earth are people putting paint on their penis
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[20:58] <iAhweh> you're supposed to visit a sex shop frequently
[20:58] <slash-7>  how frequently
[20:59] <@Zanith> are they're even any sex shops in Egypt
[20:59] <iAhweh> ask zanith, i go to the drugstore
[20:59] <iAhweh> klimgel is sufficient
[20:59] <@Zanith> Isn't it basically a Muslim Caliphate now
[21:01] <iAhweh> egypt is more known for their triangles of 4 sides.
[21:01] <@Zanith> and their revolutions
[21:01] <@Zanith> and the muslim brotherhood
[21:01] <@Zanith> then getting rid of
[21:02] <iAhweh> can we respect isis?
[21:02] <@Zanith> no
[21:02] <iAhweh> there must be an alternative to democracy
[21:03] <@Zanith> How can you choose an alternative to democracy
[21:03] <iAhweh> usa wants everybody democrat
[21:03] <@Zanith> "Hey guys, we wanna choose not to choose"
[21:03] <iAhweh> this was good for old greeks.
[21:04] <@Zanith> Egypt seems at the moment to me to be "Whoever farts the best shall rule the country and decide what everyone wants"
[21:05] <iAhweh> clergy egyptians were not democrats. there were too many secrets.
[21:06] <iAhweh> i fart well. do i have a chance?
[21:06] <@Zanith> Ye
[21:06] <@Zanith> iAhweh for president
[21:06] <@Zanith> Because
[21:06] <@Zanith> Everyone hates America
[21:06] <@Zanith> but they strive for presidency
[21:07] <iAhweh> these things must evolve.
[21:07] <iAhweh> arab rules are like 2,000 b.C.
[21:08] <iAhweh> this way we can say animals evolve more than humans.
[21:11] <iAhweh> on the other hand, we have "siscom caracter" a ms-dos system for processual search
[21:13] <iAhweh> too many obstacles to new age of unix, ops, fedorenta
[21:13] <iAhweh> Traduções de fedorento adjetivo stinking fedorento, podre, pútrido, infecto, muito mau, nauseabundo foul imundo, desagradável, podre, abominável, nauseabundo, fedorento malodorous malcheiroso, fétido, fedorento offensive ofensivo, atacante, desagradável, agressivo, repugnante, fedorento putrescent putrescente, fétido, fedorento malodorant malcheiroso, fedorento, fétido
[21:14] <BBN> whoa man we just met
[21:15] <iAhweh> am i flooding you?
[21:16] <iAhweh> am i talking to the walls?
[21:16] <@Zanith> iAhweh is posting nonsense
[21:16] <@Zanith> that is anti non muslim
[21:16] <iAhweh> you let me talking alone, then they send me to psichiatric system.
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[21:19] <Alah> you should talk a little more :)
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[21:24] <@Zanith> do you want a muslim caliphate in Egypt Alah
[21:25] <Alah> i don't know what you're talking about
[21:25] <Alah> i don't even know if they believe there is a hell.
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[21:29] <Alah> i think there are guys who says they're christians, but they don't. catholicism and protestantism is far from christianism. but they like to be martyrs.
[21:32] <synapt> you're using pretty generalized religious names.  Issue with saying just "Christians" or "Catholics" is that there are various branches of each, some of whom may conflict with each others general opinions
[21:32] <synapt> they simply share a base/root religion idea, such as Christians in general all believe there is some kind of supreme being and that Jesus existed/was his son
[21:33] <Alah> the same way there are confused interpretations from the bible, i think there may be several interpretations from quran. i'm confused
[21:35] <synapt> Basically, but speaking of the Qur'an, by all intents the basis of Islam is a near-christian religion, they believe the same with exception of Jesus wasn't specifically son of god, but instead he a prophet
[21:35] <BBN> Let's talk about my new coffee mug
[21:35] <slash-7> that kawaii as **** dude
[21:35] <synapt> BBN: looks like it holds a small amount of coffee
[21:36] <BBN> More the reason to get up :-)
[21:36] <BBN> and get more..
[21:36] <Alah> i'm paralized on the question of good and evil.
[21:39] <Alah> everything is resumed in mass manipulations.
[21:42] <Alah> jesus existed, then make charity, but don't manipulate the masses
[21:42] <BBN> but was jesus made in japan had the ability to hold coffee
[21:43] <Alah> i think you'd like to talk about cats and vanity
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[21:46] <Alah> u know, rich cats die starving
[21:49] <Alah> they used to eat caviar, then get poor, reject everything
[21:51] <Alah> i think a good language has to improve surreal time, beyond past, present and future
[21:52] <Alah> it-time
[21:52] <Alah> neither a boy time, nor a girl time
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