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[22:14] == StepFather [[email protected]] has joined #wikileaks
[22:14] <Zana> so if i stand by someone will be chatting with my name ?
[22:14] <Boni> and I have projects in many differents fields
[22:14] <Boni> and differents Zones
[22:14] <Boni> they are all interconnected
[22:14] <StepFather> i'm mohamed's father. don't disturb the kid. he's only three years old.
[22:14] <StepFather> i said to him. if you're a good boy, return there.
[22:15] * Boni must pray. Do not disturb.
[22:15] <Mad_hatter> I do not think it is ANY name, but do think the slices of conversation is grouped with key word.
[22:15] <Boni> enough is enough
[22:15] <Mad_hatter> Like any AI bot
[22:15] <Boni> I will pray for my projects and my mental sanity.
[22:15] <StepFather> can't he  talk about  about those bombs in Palestine?
[22:16] <Zana> By the way what do you think about those bombs ??
[22:16] <Boni> no more bombs in my head.
[22:16] <StepFather> i would like an Arabic World.
[22:16] <StepFather> with Arabian numbers. uohohohoho
[22:16] <Zana> i wouldnt haha
[22:17] <StepFather> Zangief
[22:17] <Boni> you are the worst bomb droper the world has ever known
[22:17] <Mad_hatter> Arabian horse are cool
[22:17] <Mad_hatter> Oh I rememeber that song
[22:17] <StepFather> whose land is Jerusalem? whose land is Gaza?
[22:17] <Mad_hatter> I dropped a bomb on you
[22:17] <Mad_hatter> hahaha good song
[22:17] <Boni> fix yourself
[22:18] <Mad_hatter> sort of cheesy though
[22:18] <Boni> I may have not much time left.
[22:18] <Zana> Hey guys what do you think About KOSOVO ??
[22:18] <Boni> I have tones in what to think about.
[22:18] <Zana> ever heard of us
[22:18] <Zana> ?
[22:18] <StepFather> u must internationalize ALL the area.
[22:19] <StepFather> but who rules UNO?
[22:19] <StepFather> u must fix UNO.
[22:19] <Boni> stop speaking about intenationalization
[22:19] <StepFather> neo-UNO
[22:19] <Boni> you internationalize ANYTHING
[22:19] <Est> lithuania is close by?
[22:19] <Boni> AMAZON is BRAZILIAN
[22:19] <Boni> You internationalize ANYTHING
[22:19] <StepFather> that land is God's land.
[22:20] <Est> has any one seen Blaze?
[22:20] <StepFather> my god. your god. demonist god. indians god
[22:20] <Zana> which land ?
[22:20] <Boni> Put your feet's OFF other's LAND
[22:20] <StepFather> arabian god. jude god.
[22:20] <Zana> WHICH LANDDDDD
[22:20] <StepFather> u must internationalize GOD.
[22:20] <Boni> just bullshit discourse of imperialists invasors
[22:20] <StepFather> alpha-omega
[22:21] <StepFather> cut Gaza and paste into Amazon. I will go there and resolve everything ;-)
[22:22] <StepFather> i thing it's a religion question.
[22:22] <StepFather> not polytical
[22:22] <StepFather> not geological
[22:22] <Hello> lithuania est? Why are you asking about lithuania and Blaze?
[22:23] <StepFather> oh my alpha-omega. it's south of Russian land?
[22:23] <StepFather> i don even know
[22:24] <StepFather> my journalists doesnt talk about lituania
[22:25] <StepFather> fix midia
[22:25] <StepFather> i'm studying antroposofy. i don't have time o
[22:25] <StepFather> to study lithuania
[22:26] <StepFather> my schools doesn't teach about these things
[22:26] <StepFather> i studied exact sciences.
[22:26] <StepFather> fix my system scholaricallllll
[22:26] <StepFather> i don even know englix. what's Englix?
[22:27] <StepFather> i tried to learn Arabian characters at UFMG, they wanted me to pay R$ 300,00 a month.
[22:27] <StepFather> its public
[22:27] <StepFather> and it's paid.
[22:30] <StepFather> GWK9425 545-2 ESTACIONAR NO PASSEIO 05/04/2012 19:30 AVE AMAZONAS 4543 05
[22:30] <StepFather> i pay tribute
[22:31] <StepFather> i parked at forbidden place ;-)
[22:31] <StepFather> i'm forgetting any side of the problem?
[22:31] <StepFather> there are americans and arabians here waiting for discussion.
[22:32] <StepFather> let's discuss with bombs?
[22:33] <StepFather> shall we discuss with peace and love?
[22:33] <StepFather> or sex and drugs and rock and roll?
[22:34] <Boni> perhaps it's not apropriate time for discussions
[22:34] <StepFather> Revelation
[22:35] <Boni> especially if you are still half drunk *whith my respects*
[22:35] <StepFather> i'm inspired and my spirit wants to mathematize the question.
[22:35] <Boni> The apropriate time to discuss is in the morning when your mind is fresh
[22:35] <StepFather> i want a mathematician of each country.
[22:35] <Boni> that, if you are able to wake up i the morning
[22:35] <StepFather> does that aspect exist?
[22:35] <StepFather> in abstract.
[22:36] <StepFather> Madre Teresa de Calcutá tried.
[22:36] <StepFather> Gandhi tried.
[22:36] <StepFather> who's the next?
[22:36] <Boni> if there isn't an obsessive-maniac blowing the electric system of your home and making noises and spamm when you are trying to sleep
[22:36] <Boni> and solve the world's problems.
[22:37] <StepFather> it's 22:36
[22:37] <StepFather> and i'm a nocturnal ;-) animal
[22:37] <Boni> what is a very nice thing to try to do. Solve the world's problems while you are being watched and an obsessive-maniac is persecuting you in your dreams
[22:37] <Boni> and demons are hunting you
[22:37] <Boni> you know what you do?
[22:37] <Boni> you just wake up and expell them all
[22:37] <Boni> no one left.
[22:38] <StepFather> there aren't spells. there are spirits.
[22:38] <Boni> this is dramatic.
[22:38] <StepFather> i'm obsessed.
[22:38] <StepFather> but my obsessor is mathematician
[22:38] <Boni> you are evil.
[22:38] <StepFather> prove it.
[22:38] <StepFather> prove everybody is not blasphemous guys.
[22:39] <Boni> you need theraphy
[22:39] <StepFather> Israel blasphemes. Gaza blasphemes. No blasphemy ==> Love ==> No war.
[22:39] <Boni> go watch some Zen videos and Mandelas.
[22:40] <StepFather> that question
[22:40] <StepFather> Palestine's question
[22:40] <StepFather> must be exhaustively dealed.
[22:40] <StepFather> and some aspects, like mine, doesn't exist in State of Arts.
[22:40] <Boni> people like you will never solve Palestine problem.
[22:41] <Boni> you don't respect them
[22:41] <Boni> you don't respect their culture
[22:41] <Boni> how do you want to help them?
[22:41] <Boni> you help no one
[22:41] <Boni> you just make a mess in everyone's head.
[22:41] <StepFather> why not? if israel is satanist and gaza is luciferanist. they must coexist.
[22:41] <Boni> you are very mainstream thought
[22:41] <StepFather> in abstract
[22:42] <Boni> mainstream thought is a mess and will never solve the world's problems
[22:42] <StepFather> suppose my god is A. suppose your god is B. then....................
[22:42] <Boni> whether you sit and listen to original ideas or you will keep being a mess.
[22:42] <StepFather> i respect Umbanda
[22:42] <StepFather> Quimbanda
[22:42] <StepFather> Voodoo
[22:42] <StepFather> i respect even the Pope
[22:43] <Boni> then don't get surprised if the demons have power over you.
[22:43] <StepFather> but he is a bad boy
[22:43] <Guest71602> hello
[22:43] <StepFather> kids sometime need some slaps.
[22:43] <StepFather> hell oh.
[22:44] <StepFather> Palestine is a true hell.
[22:44] <StepFather> with weapons
[22:44] <StepFather> and guns, no roses
[22:44] <Boni> he is still half drunk.
[22:44] <StepFather> i drink water. MANGA's juice. coffe. Coke.
[22:45] <StepFather> ok. it's coffe with coke my problem.
[22:45] <Boni> you must be 100 times more serious tha this.
[22:45] * StepFather waiting for other aspect in Estado da Arte
[22:45] <Boni> you show no respect for human life
[22:45] <StepFather> can i respect war?
[22:46] <Boni> as well
[22:46] <Boni> what is that?
[22:46] <Boni> International disease?
[22:46] <StepFather> u respect criminal minds after jailed.
[22:46] <Boni> Occidental culture is TRASH
[22:46] <Boni> I HATE IT
[22:46] <Boni> I HAATE HAATE IT
[22:46] <Boni> IT MAKES ME VOMIT
[22:46] <StepFather> so u are nazi with ocidentals.
[22:46] <StepFather> israel is nazi with gaza. gaza is nazi with israel.
[22:47] <StepFather> who is right? no one.
[22:47] <StepFather> jail/
[22:47] <Boni> imperialist thinking, racism (and all this bad taste jokes are nothing more than racism. You are highly racist)
[22:47] <StepFather> jail to whom?
[22:47] <Boni> useless thoughts.
[22:47] <Boni> I'm i jail too.
[22:48] <Boni> i have good and bad days though
[22:48] <Boni> you are responsible for the worst of them
[22:48] <StepFather> maybe I 've constrained 1,000 women and I need to be 2,000 years in jail.
[22:48] <StepFather> so who goes to jail? the pope.
[22:49] <Boni> you add everything = my family + the mad news + the spying + the torture + your torture
[22:49] <StepFather> my reality is world's reality
[22:49] <StepFather> internal = external = 1
[22:50] <Boni> at least you don't have anyone there torturing you *sight*
[22:50] <StepFather> i'm trying to arrest my neighbour.
[22:50] <StepFather> Israel is trying to arrest its neighbour
[22:50] <Boni> I'm exausted.
[22:50] <StepFather> Gaza is trying to kill its neighbour.
[22:50] <StepFather> define the word it.
[22:51] <Boni> please be kind with people.
[22:51] <Boni> treat humans as human beings.
[22:51] <Boni> we are still humans.
[22:51] <StepFather> micro = macro.
[22:52] <StepFather> harmonicas
[22:52] <StepFather> low frequency, high frequency.
[22:52] <Boni> please
[22:52] <Boni> pleaase
[22:53] <Boni> you are much moe than this.
[22:53] <StepFather> because of math?
[22:53] <StepFather> math is human.
[22:53] <Boni> don't drink.
[22:53] <StepFather> i cant prove it
[22:54] <Boni> realm socialism
[22:54] <Boni> remember
[22:54] <Boni> #RealSocialism
[22:54] <StepFather> but he who has read me, he knows i try to axiomatize LOVE and Conscience. and Evolution.,
[22:54] <Boni> I'm exausted.
[22:54] <StepFather> Gaza today is not Gaza 1,900 d.C.
[22:54] <StepFather> the question is evolving
[22:54] <StepFather> like an embrion
[22:54] <Boni> you are exasuting
[22:55] <Boni> totally
[22:55] <Boni> o.O
[22:55] <StepFather> what happens if healthy doesn't evolve?:
[22:55] <StepFather> the illness evolves.
[22:55] <StepFather> Cancer.
[22:55] <Boni> resume your writings to poetry
[22:56] <Boni> poetry is condensed
[22:56] <Boni> you say many things in small verses
[22:56] <Boni> and you harm no one
[22:56] <Boni> you are damn hurting
[22:56] <StepFather> i have evoked the trinity health, sickness, and evolution.
[22:57] <Boni> you spend half of your time finding out how you are going to hurt me next
[22:57] <Boni> it's painful
[22:57] <StepFather> advice me if I can NOT save this conversation as palestine.html at my website.
[22:58] <StepFather> I have evoked the trinity jail, liberty and evolution.
[22:58] <Boni> I'm going to start reading psycholgy studies on war effects in the soldiers
[22:59] <Boni> how the war affects the human mind.
[22:59] <StepFather> I have evoked the trinity Gaza, Israel and evolution.
[22:59] <Boni> permanent war
[23:01] <StepFather> I have evoked the vector (Abraham, Mohamed, Jesus, Buda, ..., n) and n + 1 = Evolution.
[23:01] <StepFather> So u are talking about peace, war and evolution.
[23:02] <StepFather> If the war is evolving, then peace is involuting?
[23:03] <StepFather> Dialethics of evolution. Evolution of dialethics.
[23:06] <StepFather> The true trinity is Pride and Humility and Evolution.
[23:07] <StepFather> I have evoked the trinity True Me = Self, Shadow = Ego, and Evolution.
[23:07] <StepFather> I have evoked the trinity True State, Shadow State, and Evolution.
[23:08] <StepFather> Earth can be finite or infinite, as you choose. The finite evolves to infinite.
[23:11] <StepFather> so there is a low frequency and a high frequency. a micro and a macro evolving.
[23:11] <StepFather> f = 1/T period. low, or high.
[23:11] <StepFather> v = lambda f ==> wave length low, or high.
[23:12] <StepFather> slow speed, or high speed? v = c. it's wave. Light. Shadow. And Evolution. Trinity.
[23:13] <StepFather> f = w / (2 pi). if I set harmonical movement F = kX = -mX'' ==> x = A cos(wt + w0)
[23:13] <StepFather> low amplitude, hight amplitude, evolving.